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Quality for life

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Clearly, a first-class rehabilitation needs more than technology and know-how. After all, your quality of life is much more than just a prosthetic or orthotic fitting.

Seeing is believing!

From the very first contact, up to the fitting and beyond, our customers enjoy individualized services. We take care of you and your beloved ones accompanying you, e.g. reducing your organizational efforts through support for travel and visa purposes, daily shuttle services from Ottobock to your accomodation and much more.

Thanks to our international presence and experience we are at ease with the different cultural needs and can adapt to your specific wishes, using our network of partners. Especially the cooperation with renowned clinics and physicians in the field of amputation and rehabilitation ensures a holistic solution, e. g. in case of special medical conditions or even if a revision of the residual limb should become necessary.

All prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation packages for upper and lower extremities are individual and customized according to your specific medical condition and needs. Ottobock will gladly tailor a service package for your specific wishes.

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In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Competence Center team directly:

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